The new ways of driving and use a vehicle asks for reliable and affrodable versatile perception systems. As the automotive market has a strong strategy towards the development of autonomous vehicles, this need is even more important in the case of autonomous driving for which the four mandatory steps (starting with “hands on” and ending with “hands off”, “eyes off” and “minds off”) are full of technical hurdles, barriers, obstacles. Perception systems need to be accurate and reliable both for what happen in the cabin and out of the cabin in all light and weather conditions.


However, there are still major challenges moving to higher autonomy, mainly because:

Of the complexities associated with passing control between vehicles and drivers
Of the complexities to deal with robust and reliable car environment perception systems, that are to be relevant in all light and all weather conditions, and compatible of most of the driving use-cases
Of lack of affordable solutions for mass market with a compatible supply-chain

Thermal infrared make it possible because of:

To make it accessible to the market, WPs will work on: